Sunday, 12 September 2010

Are You A Child Or A Son?

I want to look into this aspect of our lives about our christian growth. A lot of times as a child of God we refuse to grow into His image and likeness.
We most time always behave and act out the attributes of a child and not a son
We may want to know how children behave and i want to put some of the behaviour of children down here for us to see if we fit in.
A child is very selfish, being a mother that have grown children, i can attest to this. Give me give me is always a child's vocabulary. Are we doing this before our Creator and maker, that each time we go before Him, all we do is to ask. Even when He answers and give to us and He asks us to give a tenth, do we withhold it and give reasons why we can give now, but will do it later. When my chilfdren where small, they acted this out. Give them sweet and you are like, can i have just one there, the reply was most times know, as if in the first instance, it did not belong to me their mother that gave it out in the first place.
When God gave His son, He gave us all, and when He requires our service, do we say no.
Another is a child does not know how to serve, you are at their service twenty four seven.
Ask a child when they feel their busy with either their toys or whatever, and you will hear them say i am busy or i will do it later.
A child does not understand the language of service and so we find today in the body of Christ, a lot who are still being served. They never want to give back service unto their creator.
Also, children are takers, immature, not bothered about anyone but themselves, could be disobedient most times. Always dimminishes stuff and don't care to be tranformed into what they are suppose to be.
On the other side, you find a son is very mature. selfless, giving always. a son seek to be transformed to comply to what has been mapped out for him. A son will always be faithful, obedience to the purpose and call of God, trust worthy also has a servant heart.
A son wants to approach the throne room asking our Father what he or she will do, committed to the call also helping to fulfil the mandate.
Are we sons or children?
I am praying God to help us come to maturity in christ, so that we will go beyond the rudiments of salvation and go up to his upward calling for our lives. Those who have tasted and seen that the lord is good will make themselves available for the Master's use at this end time, because the harvest is truly ripe and labourers are still children.
God will move us beyond the level of seeking things to seeking His will and purpose for our lives.
It is well with us, as we seek to be His hands, eyes, legs, and mouth, so He can reach as many people He has purpose to save in this end time.
Have a bless time till i come your way again

Friday, 13 August 2010

This Pain Is For More Of God Blessing

We wake up every day of our lives to face new challenges. the word of God has it recorded, ''that there is a season and time for everything on the surface of the earth ''
We all like Joseph in the bible went through his own pain, and at the end of it all, he became a prime minister in a foreign land.
Who would have thought that his pain will bring about his blessing. But the pain was for more.
Are you going through any form of pain right now, look beyond it and see God using your pain as a bridge to take you to the other side, where He has prepared a table for your sake.
I have come to a place in my life that, whenever i start feeling any form of pain, that i start asking God to help me go through it with Him by my side.
We will be victorious and reap the reward of the pains if we do not back out or faint through it all.
Father, i pray for anyone who read through this blog and is going through a situation. i ask you grant them the ability to press on until that which you want to get out of them is removed and bring them to the place of Your glory which for more. a place of blessing in Jesus name.
It is always well with you if you believe.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The wilderness has never been, will never be a place of comfort, because it was not and is not meant to be.
In the programme of God, it is a school where we are taught a lot especially, the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
If you have ever been to or going through the wilderness, you will find out, if you believe that God has promised to be with you at every step of your life journey, that a lot we carry and not willing to let go that God wants to take away from us. This can only be dropped through the journey in the wilderness.
And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the waythese forty years
in the wilderness, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart, wether
you would keep His commandments or not.
So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger and fed you with manna which you did
not know nor did your fathers know, that man shall not live by bread alone; but
man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the lord. Deut 8V2-3
If we read futher down our passage, we find out that God delights in us and has the best planned for us. We are bless if we can take all in while going through whatever we are going through right now because they will all work out for our good.
My personal experience of the wildweness has brought me very close to God and his purpose for my living. I was carried away with a lot that i lost focus of His destiny and purpose but in d widerness, i became focus and heard him clearly.
I pray as i have been called to do, anyone that will read this today, and is going through a form of wilderness, God will enlighten you and cause His light to shine forth through this darkness, show you His way through it, that you will come to a place of purpose according to all He has planned for you.
Your experience will work out His glory in your life.
Your are blessed and favoured and i will always see you on top

Sunday, 1 August 2010

God is good and worthy to be praised and exalted. Its been over a year and i just can not say why i stayed off. It is well. God has been faithful to me and i know to countless of people like me. A lot has happen that has brought me closer to His throne. All will be shared in due cause as i have come back, better and more inspired to do His service through the blogworld.
May the God of peace give to you all my fellow bloggers the peace that pass all understanding, may He move you into doing and getting all He has for you. May you not miss out of this month's blessing as He has blessings prepared for every month of the year. You are all blessed and highlyfavoured. I will always expect to see you at the top. Have a divine appointed favour, divine blessing and divine delivrance in this eight month. It is well with all of you.

Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Father i have come to thank you for your faithfulness to all you allowed me to visit their blog sites. I am thanking You for the wisdom, ability,knowlegde,fun,time and much more You endowed your children to use what hitherto others use to glorify the enemy, to be used in uplifting each other.
Thanks precious Father for the year that is about to close up and never to be seen again in the land of the living.You caused our part to cross and made us be a blessing to each other, thank You Lord.
We are alive to witness the end, Father, You will keep us to see the coming year with joy and gladness. May we continue to glorify Your name through what You have mapped out for us next year.
May 2009 be the year of our uplifting, our fulfil promises. All we have presented to You, and You answered with wait, shall come to pass.
Every single who has waited on you for the man or woman You have prepared, will not miss out in the name of Jesus.
Those barren physically,spiritually,emotionally, financially and any other form of barreness, may 2009 be the year of conception and delivery in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are called believers because we believe, let the world indeed come to identify with our believe in You.
Show up in every situation that Your people will come into, be the Rock on which they will stand on.
Let you Spirit go before and after into the year to bring them to the place flowing with milk and honney. May their enemies bow at their appearance, may they be on top and not beneath, first and not the last.
Your plans and purpose shall be fulfilled. They will mount up like the eagle, they will run and not be weary, because the will continually wait on you.
Let all You put in them that have not come up to their realization be made manfest for Your glory.
Goodness and mercy as they are twins You set up, to follow us ,shall not cease from following them.
Daddy, may they not work and another eat, may they sow and reap the fruit of their labour, as they build, may they inhabit their houses.
Father, thou who does exceedingly and aboundanly, will show Yourself strong and mighty on behalf of Your children.
It is not going to be by our power nor by our might but by Your Spirit.
Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard neither has anyone conceived what the Lord has promised to do for His own.Manifest Yourself o Lord.
I am greatful to all and will continue to lift all who have visited and are yet to visit this site. God prosper, enrich, prevail in whatever situation you in now,give you understanding in the decision you are about to take, empower and enable you to overcome all that put you down.
God bless you as i read from you next year.
It is well with you.

Monday, 15 December 2008


Christmas, means a lot of things to different people.
Yesterday was our carol nite in church and the same question had to be given explanation to by all invited guests.
Some said, it is a time of love and giving. Others said, it is a time to reflect on what has tranpired a through the year, that is a time of somber reflection.
While someone, i believe was a joke said its her time of changing dresses, which she actually did all through the progrmme.
Christmas, i will say means diffrent things to diffrent people.
Christmas to me, means a Saviour came into this world, born to die.
Jesus was born at a time like this some thousand years ago.
Christmas is all about Jesus, who came to take my place of punishment.
Christmas is all about the gift of God through His only son to mankind
Christmas is all about a son that was born to take away the sins of the whole world.(sounds too easy to those who would not believe the word)
Christmas is all about our Redemer, Counselor, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, Emmanuel,
A friend that is closer than a brother, my Intersessor, Rose of sharon,
Christmas is all about His love showered on me, that i did not need to die in my sin.
Christmas is all about Jesus who has all figured out in all l went through, i am going through and all i will ever go through.
Christmas, makes me celebrate Him all through the year knowing with full assurance that He truly was born and i have all that it takes to believe that my life is worth living because He was born.
Please my beloved lets all rejoice in this period that the whole world acknowlegde that a saviour was born, even the atmospere during this period is different from any other time of the year.
Christmas should be the time all the fruits of the Holy Spirit shoild be allowed to operate hundred percent in our lives. Please through your comment, let me know what christmas mean to you.
Have a merry christmas and a blessed take over new year

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Why I Believe In God

I BELIEVE IN GOD ...because He saved me, died in my place, paid the price i could not pay.
I BELIEVE IN GOD... because i was totally lost and He came looked for me and found me. God has been so faithful to me. He gave me beautiful babes as children, wonderful husband as husband, very clever grandson and caring son in-law.
I BELIEVE IN GOD....because without Him, my life would have ended a long time ago and i would have been roaming this world aimlessly.
He made me trust Him when i could not even trust myself, He saved me from even me.
When icould not see, he opened my eyes to behold what good thoughts He has for me.
because what He allowed me to go through that i saw destroyed or killed others, i came out victorious. If not for His provision, i would have been in the backside of nowhere, visionless allowing situation to master me rather than the other way round.
because of His promises that gives hope to me to face the future and whaever challenges i might meet. If He was faithfull to deliever me in the sixth times, He is able to do it again in the seventh. He is the God of my yesterday, today and my tommorrow. My believe in God has indeed lifted me above only and not beneath, made to be first indeed. He holds the future in His hand and who is wise that will not believe in Him, for He makes a way where there is no way, water came out of the rock by His command, mountains are made plain, valleys are filled for His love for His children.
because He started me up in this life's journey and He knows the way that i take. His promises never....never....never fail so my believe in Him will be forever.

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